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LEARN (Leading English Education and Resource Network) is a non-profit educational organization with a mandate to serve the English-speaking community of Quebec. Building on the merger of three organizations in July 2005, LEARN has developed a variety of resources and services.

LEARN accomplishes this by offering a wide range of resources and services at no charge. These services and resources include elementary and secondary level teaching tools and content; professional learning; community, school and parental support; as well as a full range of online services through the LEARN Virtual Campus.

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The Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders (CAMI) is a regional association that has been assisting the English-speaking community of the Magdalen Islands for over 30 years.

CAMI’s programming is built on core funding through the Department of Canadian Heritage Official Language Minority Community program. The development and delivery of programs and services promote and facilitate the active participation and integration of English-speakers in the Islands and in Québec society as a whole. The core funding received from Canadian Heritage is the foundation of the organization, helping leverage the additional financial and in-kind support required to build sound infrastructure for an effective community development organization.

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École branchée ​

Education improves the life of every human being. It positively influences health, happiness and civic engagement, promoting the prosperity of societies. It must therefore benefit from current advances to meet the increasingly diverse needs of learners. While recalling that the challenges of teaching in the digital age are first and foremost human, it is in this sense that theÉcole branchée work at informerform et equip the school environment and its ecosystem.
It is the essential reference for all educational staff (teachers, educational advisers, school administrators and other professionals) concerned with maximizing the positive impact of innovation in teaching and learning.

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Open School

The suggested educational activities on this platform are intended for all children and are aimed at encouraging their continued learning. However, it is possible that your child needs specific support to carry out these activities at home, as a result of learning difficulties or a disability.
This ressource provides different strategies to help parents support their children’s learning. It also offers different resources that may address your concerns.

Family Ties

Over the past 24 years, Family Ties has become firmly rooted in the community it serves. People of all ages take part in the various programs, volunteer their time, make donations and, as members, take part in the democratic life of the organization.
The contributions made by our volunteers and members are especially valued and we are proud of their accomplishments, both individually and as a team.

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Literacy Foundation

A leader in Quebec, the Literacy Foundation (FPA) draws its expertise from an analysis of illiteracy issues and the solutions for eliminating  illiteracy. To that end, the Foundation believes it is imperative to raise awareness of the importance of lifelong literacy and contribute to improving the quality of life of individuals who are illiterate or poor readers.

Since its inception in 1989, the Literacy Foundation has innovated by creating many projects that have made it known in Quebec, elsewhere in Canada, and on the international scene. From 1996 onward, it implemented sound strategic planning. The credibility of the social action proposed by the Foundation lies in the strength of its convictions and its profound belief in the need to generate change in society so as to enhance the quality of life of illiterate individuals, and thereby of the community at large.

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