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Agence ometz

Ometz is a charitable organization offering employment, immigration, school and social services to help people fulfill their potential, and secure the growth and vitality of the Montreal community.

Reaching more than 13,000 people annually, we provide intervention, prevention, support services and programs to enhance your quality of life.

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Regroupement des organismes ESPACE du Québec

Since 1985, ESPACE organizations have been working to ensure that ever more children in Quebec will have a safe childhood free from violence. 

Preventing violence means giving children the means to protect themselves against all forms of assault, but also working to sensitize adults to their role in prevention and giving them the tools to help children in need. 

The CAP-ESPACE program is unique in Quebec. It is one of the very few whose actions address both adults and preschool and elementary-level children. The program includes three inseparable workshops. These workshops are offered to the staff, then parents and other adults, and lastly to all the children in a child-based environment. 

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AMI-Quebec offers a wide menu of programs and activities to help you better cope with the challenges of mental illness in your family. Some programs are for caregivers only, while others are mixed and welcome both caregivers and individuals with a lived experience of mental illness. Our programs are available across Quebec (via telephone or internet), and our office is in Montreal.

1 (514) 486-1448

Ligne Parent

The LigneParents intervention model is based on «reality therapy». Thus, the professional counselors of LigneParents do not give ready-made answers or instant solutions, but rather work to equip parents so that they regain their confidence.

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